Small Business

Resilience Stories

In these unprecedented times, we are reminded of the resolve, resourcefulness and shear will of entrepreneurs. Shannon Cason, In Good Co. Detroit Storyteller + podcaster, connects with small businesses grinding it out.

Small Business Resilience Stories May 6 / 2020

Mariyah Siafuddin

Innovative Solution Partners

Mariyah Saifuddin of Innovative Solution Partners reminds us to stay connected to the Detroit entrepreneur network and recognize the small victories during this time.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 29 / 2020

Kimle Nailer

Nail-Rite Construction

Kimle Nailer of Nail-Rite Construction shares a recent phone call she had encouraging another woman business owner during this crisis.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 27 / 2020

Juan Carlos

Featherstone Moments

Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez of Featherstone Moments marketing agency discusses the need to be personally mindful of our teams during this time.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 21 / 2020

Genevieve Vang

Bangkok 96 Restaurant

Genevieve Vang of Bangkok 96 Restaurant shares her business philosophies that lead her through difficult times. Genevieve has worked with other top chefs to feed those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 17 / 2020

Deirdra Roberson


Deirdre Roberson of Eumelanin stocked up inventory for a pop up store at SXSW, then it was cancelled. So she increased her social presence to move that inventory. Deirdre shares her encouragement with Detroit entrepreneurs.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 13 / 2020

Chris & Kim Casteel

Anew Life Prosthetics & Orthotics

Chris and Kim Casteel of Anew Life Prosthetics & Orthotics continue to service emergencies while staying positive for their employees, patients, and community.

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