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Trailer No 2 October 2 / 2020

In Good Co. Detroit

In Good Co Detroit is proud to release our latest film spotlighting some of Detroit’s remarkable entrepreneurs, their journeys to start and grow their business and their resilience and ingenuity to adapt during the pandemic.

This film continues to show entrepreneurs, you're not alone. You’re in good company.

Developed by the New Economy Initiative (NEI) to help unify and grow Detroit’s small business community, In Good Co. is a living platform, connecting inspirational stories with practical tools to empower entrepreneurs at every age and every stage of business.

Trailer No 1 November 6 / 2019

Introducing: In Good Co. Detroit

Every entrepreneur starts somewhere. For some, going into business starts with a dream. For others, with a need. For all, it is a journey. To succeed, you need determination, guts and vision. You also need support, inspiration and the practical tools to help you grow.

You’re not alone. You’re in good company.

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In Good Company Detroit Feature Story

Episode No 10 November 12 / 2020

Alice Brazelton-Pittman

Brazelton Floral

“I grew up in the business with my brothers and sisters,” she says. But Alice would forge her own path.

It wasn’t until 2017, following the deaths of both her brother Edgar Jr. and sister Irene that Brazelton-Pittman would find herself taking the helm of her family’s floral legacy.

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Small Business Resilience Stories

Small Business Resilience Stories May 6 / 2020

Mariyah Siafuddin

Innovative Solution Partners

Mariyah Saifuddin of Innovative Solution Partners reminds us to stay connected to the Detroit entrepreneur network and recognize the small victories during this time.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 29 / 2020

Kimle Nailer

Nail-Rite Construction

Kimle Nailer of Nail-Rite Construction shares a recent phone call she had encouraging another woman business owner during this crisis.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 27 / 2020

Juan Carlos

Featherstone Moments

Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez of Featherstone Moments marketing agency discusses the need to be personally mindful of our teams during this time.

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