Small Business

Resilience Stories

In these unprecedented times, we are reminded of the resolve, resourcefulness and shear will of entrepreneurs. Shannon Cason, In Good Co. Detroit Storyteller + podcaster, connects with small businesses grinding it out.

Small Business Resilience Stories April 6 / 2020

Joe Renkiewicz

Henry the Hatter

Joe Renkiewicz of Henry the Hatter is thinking about longtime owner Paul Wasserman, family, employees, and customers during this crisis.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 3 / 2020

Cherri Harris

Swint Logistics Group, Inc

Cherri Harris of Swint Logistics Group, Inc shares practical thinking, and she’s still hopeful about the future.

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Small Business Resilience Stories April 1 / 2020

Clement FAME Brown


Clement FAME Brown reflects on a difficult year of construction delays heading into the COVID-19 crisis, and shares how he is adapting his business as a result.

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